FIRE 2021: Business Planning Retreat

Are you a small business owner? We’d love for you to STAY after our FOCUS retreat and attend FIRE.

After spending time reflecting on 2021 and determining your personal growth plan for 2022, we invite you to create a growth plan for your business that mirrors your personal plan and values. Aligning your business and personal plans will help you grow a business that reflects who you are and where you want to go.

FIRE is considered a business expense and can be paid for through your business as part of your business development for the year. As entrepreneurs, it’s crucial to continue learning and growing both personally and professionally if we want to flourish.

This extended portion of the retreat will give you clarity to move your business forward in 2022 as you move beyond the ways your business had to adjust through COVID. Please join Dr. D and other business leaders for FIRE!

Retreat pricing:

FOCUS only cost = $1,547
FOCUS & FIRE cost = $2,497



Nov 14 - 17 2021


All Day

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