TransformHer Community™

TransformHer® Community is a Women Empowered initiative designed to equip and embolden women as agents of social change. Our goal is to cultivate and support the development of women as Pioneers – authentic, bold architects of change.

For many women, who serve as caregivers, matriarchs and healers in their communities, transformational leadership attributes like empathy, communication, and listening come naturally. TransformHer® builds upon these traits and traditions, including the knack for gathering people and creating safe places, to help women affect change in their personal lives, families and communities.

By training women in leadership and advocacy skills and facilitating community-based healing and learning circles, TransformHer® taps into an amazing reservoir of talent that drives forward transformation on four distinct levels of leadership:

  • Pathfinders: facilitating personal transformation;
  • Partners: cultivating and strengthening personal connections and relationships;
  • Pacesetters: developing and leading effective groups and teams; and
  • Pioneers: becoming champions of social change.

While the length and delivery of the program is tailored to the local community context, TransformHer® strives to unlock the Pioneer within every woman by fostering three key leadership attributes: authenticity, boldness, and contribution. Each program includes leadership and advocacy skill building, awareness training, and peer sharing circles. In these safe and sacred spaces, women affirm and strengthen one another, grow together, and find the resolve to collectively advocate for changes in their communities.

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