Nigeria Giveback

With the generous support of its donors, Women Empowered International helped 51 young women to start microbusinesses in September 2019. Joining forces with a local church in Benin City, Executive Director Dr. Deidre Anderson spent a week teaching the principles of entrepreneurship, and sharing the keys to starting and sustaining a successful business. In addition, Women Empowered was able to equip the budding entrepreneurs with the tools to launch their own microenterprises – sewing machines, generators, hair dryers, deep freezers, food grinders, and so much more! While on the ground, Women Empowered was also able to join forces with a local agency that will help many of the women strengthen their reading and writing skills.

Turks and Caicos Giveback

More than two dozen women from Women Empowered traveled to Turks and Caicos in May 2018 as a part of the organization’s annual TransformHer Retreat, designed to encourage women to step out, be bold, and take action in order to fulfill their dreams. As a part of the community service portion of the trip, the organization, which encourages women to give back to their local and worldwide community, Women Empowered donated food and a $500 check to a local children’s home. In addition, a team of women from WE provided free training for teachers.

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